Max Order: a Science Communication Tale

From the lab to the drawing room, a science communication comic:

Max Order

A science communication comic implies, for the authors, to be able to keep a balance between trustworthiness and creativity. In collaboration with ERCcOMICS we are defying this challenge with science communication comics. We create beautiful comics collaborating with professional artists and top-notch scientists. Check the website, as there are 16 webcomic coming…

science communication comic

Regarding Max Order: I’ve drawn it myself when I was working for the ERC project Flow Machines. The strategy to communicate science behind Flow Machines was quite peculiar. With my colleague Massimo Colella, Fran├žois Pachet and Pierre Roy we tried to build up a deep and interesting story. At the same time, we stayed as much as faithful to the original research.

science communication: comic Max Order

We identified a few cornerstone issues from Flow Machines, and transform them into characters. But characters need a setting, a story and a personality. So we tried to develop all of these while staying faithful to the original research.